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People's discussions, interactions and actions are figural events. They give the team form and content. The silences and empty spaces, on the other hand, reveal the team's essential mood and in turn their energy levels; the context for everything that happens. 

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Keynote Speaker on Energy, Team Mojo and Unlocking The Team Cultural Code 

Mark Pym, Founder and Director Of Great Teams Limited

Mark is the founder of Great Teams and the creator of Teamshift, a free diagnostic tool to help Leaders, assess a team's current status ranging from dysfunctional to functional & team-mojo. 

Mark's is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and has held various senior HR leadership roles, including at Lotus Cars, Hutchison, British Telecom and the Mubadala aviation conglomerate SR Technics. He has a masters in Human Resources from Anglia University, Cambridge and holds a variety of other leadership qualifications and certificates. 

Most recently, he was awarded a 30 year service certificate, from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, for his contribution to People Development. 

Mark is an excellent motivational and inspirational speaker, who shares with his audiences the critical ingredients required to turn a group of individuals into a community and winning team. Subjects covered include uncovering the team's hidden energy, building a great team that creates its own 'team mojo'  and how to unlock the team's cultural code.  

He has also had some concerning, but in hind sight, humorous stories, about 'what not to do' as a Leader; such as a Manager sacking someone on the UK's M25, when they were driving! (no one died in the telling of this story..)

Mark is straight talking and delivers a genuine and personal account of how he has helped build some amazing teams,  often from the grass roots up, in a variety of sectors including; telecommunications, the port, insurance, recruitment and aviation industries. As the founder of Great Teams, Mark shares with his audience, along the way, the latest research, tips, techniques and methodologies, and the magic and science, behind creating 'team mojo'.

Mark provides his audience with a deep insight of what it feels, sounds, hears, and looks like, to be part of a great team that has their own 'mojo', even in a VUCA environment. 

Mark will be thought provoking, challenging and will stimulate you to take action, to develop a great winning team and culture, regardless of if you are working remotely or on 'location'.

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Great teams flow from structure, energy, ideas and action

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Team Mojo -the art of winning

Mark's first E-Book, which details many of his experiences and observations of winning and loosing teams, highlights the four Cornerstones essential to a team's synchronicity; what he terms team-mojo. 

If anyone of these four Cornerstones (Structure, Targets, Energy, Processes) and their associated pathways, isn't working optimally in the team, the team will have high levels of entropy (think of this as a range of limiting behaviours, negative values, internal frictions, relationship issues, systems issues and structural miss alignments, within the team.). It can be measured, improved and linked to financial value.  

The E-Book, has at its roots, the key question for Leaders, namely how do you accelerate a team's performance?

The answer to this question intrigued Mark for many years – so he set out to discover for himself, what makes for a high performing team.

It ended up with Teamshift,  a new way of thinking about accelerated team performance.

Teamshift has its roots in field-based research in organisations such as Lotus, SR Technics and British Telecom. It started life as a form of diagnostic tool and team improvement methodology that could assess and help develop a team’s performance and track this over time.

The aim was to find a methodology that could help accelerate team performance. It has evolved since its formative design into a method that now identifies the 32 critical pathways of a successful team, which associate with four Cornerstones. 

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