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The Ripple Effect And The Three P's

All growth spreads outwards from a fertile foundation. We believe that the most fertile foundations is where People, Profit and the Planet meet. We call this the three P's. Everything is interconnected, through these foundations, so what we do, by way of our actions, has a profound impact on our environment and communities. When all the component parts are inter-connected this causes a ripple effect, that not only improves the employee experience, through the creation of a three P's and a purposeful and trust-based workplace but also improves our relationships with our Customers, Partners and local Communities.  But if it doesn't get measured and focused on, this link between People, Profit and Planet, can loose its focus, in our busy commercial lives. Lets talk about how we can help in this space. 

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We work with you to help create the framework, that ties together the three P's, of People, Profit and Planet.  

Having led on the development of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) reporting for Boards and Investors, we can help you identify your strengths and social  and environmental development gaps and align these, with local action plans, to the United Nations 17 Strategic Development Goals and new emerging  certifications such as the B Corporation, which looks at how you perform against five key criteria; Governance, Community, Workers, Environment and Customers.  

As a trusted Partner, our support can include designing and crafting your Social and Environmental Impact Story and Report, for your current and future investors, internal and external communities and customers and suppliers. This report can also assist you in future tender proposals.  

A Typical Report Framework:

Business Overview
Environmental and Social Impact Review 

Next Chapter

Business For Good

Good For Customer

Good For People

Good Governance

Good For the Environment

Good For the Community

Good For Partners

Action Plan 

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