Great Teams

Our Values

What we care about:

We are passionate about the difference high performing teams can make to an organisation and the wider community. We care about the importance of helping today’s and the future leaders and managers to understand how they can create great teams and what they need to do, at a practical level, to achieve amazing results with their teams. We care about seeing our client’s get the results they require and seeing their teams develop and grow.

We believe great teams are where you will find extraordinary individuals, cultures, workplaces, communities and organisations.

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Great Teams central value is the creator. We work with our clients to help them create and implement a tangible, innovative and enduring framework that will help them create high performing teams, cultures and workplaces, in their business. Where ever our clients are starting from, in terms of building great teams, cultures and workplaces, we are with them, every step of the way. 

As an organisation we are highly imaginative and inspired. Our skill levels allows us to create with ease.

We are known, as an organisation that is rich in practical ideas and experts on how to help teams reach and sustain amazing levels of performance.

Our creative insight gives us a clear vision of what we want to put into place and what the innovative steps are that we need to take, to support our clients.

We like and love stories (e.g. successful clients who have demonstrated examples of great teams and cultures) and believe that we will find the answers to any problems that present themselves to us.

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Alongside this we value highly the importance of the freedom of thought and enquiry and the development of wisdom or expertise. Research and results are critical to ours and our client’s success. Knowledgeable and wise about what makes for a great team, culture and workplace (we are curious and love to think things through in an objective way as far as possible) we are motivated by genuine hunger for truth (evidence based research and practical results in the field) and take a long-term perspective, whilst focusing on win-win results in the short term.

We see patterns and linkages /connections and are not trapped by habits of the mind or even accepted ways of thinking things through. We challenge the conventional rules on team building and look for new modern and practical solutions that work for our clients.

We excel at evaluating issues and commit to people and ideas even in the face of the realisation that it is impossible to know anything for sure. We stay calm and unruffled as a business.

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Action & Results 

We believe that truly trying to win, is really important. This comes through the four Cornerstones that transform teams into ‘winners’ and includes the importance of a team having direction through strong foundations and a clear focus. This is coupled with the underlying processes and energy that create continuous movement towards the achievement of the team’s goals and the creation of extraordinary cultures and workplaces.

We believe, based our own field research and practical experience, that when these four Cornerstones are aligned, teams develop their own ‘ team mojo’ and achieve outstanding and positive results both for themselves and the wider community. We believe in this as a framework and work to install these Cornerstones in every team and team leader we work with, in order that they can be successful.

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Finally we genuinely value each other and our clients. We have a strong sense of interdependence in which everyone matters because everyone relies on everyone else. We are resilient and robust as a business, pragmatic and manage disappointments easily. We have a deep empathy (attachment) to our colleagues at work and our clients, members and the people we partner and work with. We make good use of inclusive groups, networks and band all our members together to create value and support those less able to support themselves.