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Following The Pandemic, The Role Of Leadership Has Changed

Even the stormiest seas eventually settle, however how you re-set your sails, can make a huge difference to what course your chart and your end destination.  Leadership behaviours are similar. If limiting behaviours or 'out of date', no longer 'fit for purpose' Leadership behaviours prevail, your journey is likely to be 'stormy' and at its worse, leave you adrift, capsized or 'on the rocks'.   However, the good news is that there are new emerging Leadership behaviours (some old, some new) that will serve you well in a VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, conflict and ambiguity) and environment, that demands your Leadership team, not only achieves profitability, but also benefits the environment and your communities. There is no doubt what makes for a great Leader has changed. it is now more demanding than ever.

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Come And Spend The Day With Us In Rural Suffolk And Get Connected With The New Emerging Leadership Behaviours

According to the Marshall Goldsmith Global Leadership survey, there are 11 core Leadership behaviours that are found in the most successful Leaders.  Research with over 2,000,000 Leaders has identified these core behaviours, time after time. 

But did you know, many of these behaviours are natural to us and can be seen all around us. All we need to do is stop, look and listen. If the pandemic has reminded us of anything, it is that this deep connection to nature and her lessons, has a great deal to teach us.  Come and spend the day with us and learn more about these natural Leadership and survival behaviours and how, when these are embedded into your culture and Leadership team, you can connect, engage and thrive in any environment, even when there is great volatility, uncertainty, conflict and ambiguity, all around you. 

At the end of the day you will be able to design, refresh and update, your own leadership behavioural framework to build and develop an agile, resilient, creative and responsive culture. 

We are only an hour away from London and can also promise you an engaging day, full of new lessons and great conversations, new connections and amazing food from our Forager partner.  The Foragers Retreat - Pebmarsh

Tickets and the itinerary for the day, can be pre-booked at the link below. 

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Join Us For An Exciting online event to discuss what natures cycles, can teach us about Leadership in the 21st Century

Natural events are cyclical, always changing from one extreme towards an opposite. The way of nature, is to relax what is tense, to fill what is empty and to reduce what is overflowing. 

The wise Leader knows that following a strategy based just on materialism, consumerism and personal gain, only leads to an absolute glut at best. At worst, those who have little, get even less, until eventually natures cycle reduces and self-corrects, this overflowing. 

However, the wise Leaders, is also a purposeful Leader. They follow the natural order of events, focusing on serving others and being generous. They have learnt it is about Given and not Taking. By doing this they feel and know abundance and in turn, by being selfless, the Leader helps other realise themselves. Their behaviour works, because it is based on an understanding of opposites and cycles.

This in turn builds agility, sustainability and resilience.  When all is said and done, the thoughtful Leader goes along with what is happening anyway, ensuring they are in the best possible place, mentally and physically, to connect, engage and thrive, in a changing world full of vulnerability, uncertainty, conflict and ambiguity. 

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