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We Recognise That You Cannot Connect, Engage and Thrive, With Your People, Without Great HR administration and 24/7 Support Services -so we set up HR Sumo To Help

Our basic HR Sumo Toolkit, that will be available in July 2022, provides you with access to thousands of HR documents and templates. The toolkit is designed to help you self-manage almost any HR situation and comes alongside access to our free HR training green webinar's, that are available , for you to access 365 days of the year.

These are also ideal for anyone who isn't a HR practitioner and is on a steep learning curve.

Our HR Sumo Toolkit, is a cloud-based membership portal, which is full of policy and contract templates, Q&A's, risk reduction overviews and 'how to  guides'. 

It is easy to access, with drop down menus and no long term contracts. You simply pay by subscription, bringing you all the benefits of a HR function, without the cost and expense of a HR Consultant and Solicitor. 

Our document templates,  are all kept legally up to date and our service will also flag to you the HR Sumo 'traffic light' status report, so you can easily ascertain where there are case law, or employment legislative changes, that you need to consider, to keep your own organisation's HR administration up to date. 

If you are new to working with us, we also provide a free 30 day trial period, so you can see for yourself the benefits of subscribing to HR Sumo.  If you are a school or small charity, or not for profit business, access to the portal is free.

HR Sumo Helping You, To Create Great Foundations

1000's of templates and documents one click away

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Having, access to the HR Sumo Portal, is only the first part. 

Thereafter we will work closely with you to ensure you get the right advise and support on utilising the full breadth and range of the contracts and templates.  

As an additional service, if you need a Mentor to help one of your employees become the custodian of your HR Sumo  portal, we are one call away. 

Sumo HR Portal Investment

When the new version of 'normal returns', we will still be there for you, one click/phone call or zoom team call away

What makes us unique is our customer service ethos model. We really work hard to ensure we are very responsive and timely  in the service we provide and leave you delighted with our support. 

So what is with the Sumo?

Being A Great Sumo Warrior Is All About Foundations 

We came up with the name HR Sumo, as after 30 years of business experience and studying the martial arts, we know that foundations, are the key to success, in any endeavour.  
By way of example, you need great house foundations, to build a wonderful home; as a martial artist, without excellent foundations, you end up defeated and a car, without its chassis, isn't going anywhere fast!

​Foundations, are so often took for granted, but if these are set up well, they provide the building blocks for future success.  But they need to be the right foundations, for the right purpose.

So in a ''nutshell'' we have priced our service to help you establish and put your foundations in place, at the starting level, for less than £1.25 a day!   Once this is done and you are ready, we will be here, to help you grow and build a sustainable, extraordinary team, culture, workplace and organisation. Because great communities matter. 
Why HR Sumo?

Responsive service

We care and offer a 100 % money back guarantee if you are not satisfied

We still remember what it is like to need quick, timely HR support

It will help you put the foundations in place

Secure and confidential service

Comprehensive list of templates, contracts and policies

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