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Let Us Help You Break Those Behavioural Habits Holding You, Or Your Team Back

We provide a tried and test coaching programme, that is results based. We only gets paid based on results. Results means measurable positive change in pre-selected leadership behaviours, as determined by stakeholders, selected by you.  We use a unique approach with our Executive Coaching, as it Guarantees Measurable Leadership Growth and as such, differentiates itself from most other coaching methodologies.  

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Coaching For Leaders 

Our 365, Stakeholder methodology,  is unique in a number of key ways, such as:

We help you define a focused Leadership Growth Area and plan, important to you and your organisation

We help you grow as a Leader by becoming measurably more effective

We introduce you to a well established and proven leadership growth process, so that you can continue to develop         yourself, after the end of our coaching assignment

We also provide you this process, which you can roll out to your team(s), where they can also become better at coaching their team members

Our coaching assignments are confidential, take a limited amount of your time and achieve excellent measurable results typically between a six month to 12 month period

During and after our assignment, we will provide you with all of the resources you will need to continue to be more successful moving forward, with the support of your co-workers

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Coaching For Teams - Together We Really Are Better 

Our 2 day, team based coaching workshop, applies the same proven principles of our 1-2-1, 360 Feedforward Coaching methodology, to provide an effective coaching process for your team(s). It also includes a framework, of monthly coaching sessions and quarterly measurements, to review the leadership growth of the team.  

During your workshop we will help you discover and understand the most important competencies needed to be an effective and authentic leader, particularly in a post COVID, VUCA environment.  

These are based on research with 100 Multinational Organisations, in 120 countries on 6 continents. 

These include anticipating opportunities, leading change, developing technology savvy, appreciating diversity, sharing leadership and creating a shared vision. 

We will help you develop your own Authentic Leadership model and bring this alive in your organisation, to build a sustainable culture that can grow and get outstanding results, through the behaviour of its Leaders. 

Why Should You Bring Team Coaching Into Your Organisation?

Firstly we know this works and is tried and tested as a methodology, in thousands of companies across the globe.

Secondly, leading research tells us that Leadership behaviour creates 50-70% of an organisation's culture

 In turn, the organisational culture impacts roughly 35% of the organisational performance. 

 The remaining 65% of that performance is determined by five other factors (not related to people’s behaviours). 

This makes Leadership behaviour and organisational culture,   the single biggest factor impacting organisational performance, which becomes even more important when you consider the VUCA environment. 

If you are looking to maintain or create competitive advantage, or deliver outstanding humanitarian and public services, start with Leadership behaviour.      

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