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How To Find, Keep or Rediscover Your Mojo

05.04.21 12:42 PM By Mark Pym

Hopefully we will never see another year like 2021

The last fifteen months have been unique.  It has challenged every state, organisation, team and person across the globe.  At times it has been a scary world as the fear of a pandemic became real  sadly for many families and individuals.  In my own family my wife and sister in law were front line NHS staff, working in hospitals and care homes.  It was probably the first time in my life that I felt helpless and unable to do what I needed to do to protect my family. 

Of course, we did all the basic things like hands, face and space and at work the correct precautions and protocols were followed. Never the less the uncertainty and fear were real.

Fortunately, we managed to keep and in some ways build on, our mojo. No doubt luck played a part in this, as no one, so far has been seriously ill due to COVID.  

I guess most importantly, we kept well and maintained a strong sense of mental health and well being.  I would like to think that in some small way, that my previous studying of health and wellbeing has helped. Over the years I have studied and qualified in a variety of subjects to enhance my awareness of what I can do to promote my own health and wellbeing.  This culminated in 2012, in myself designing a short course on how to change anything in your life and how to find, keep and re-discover your mojo.  This was a 4 part CD course and associated workbook, that would help you work your way towards, finding, keeping or re-discovering your mojo.  

I have now decided to offer this course for free (apart from postage and package), as I believe that many of us have really struggled with staying energised, motivated and keeping our Mojo over the last 12 months. 

In todays ever increasing VUCA  (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world, looking after yourself, in terms of  your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing,  is really important but unfortunately we are not taught how to do this at school.  Sadly many of us learn the hard way through life's lessons. Our programme is stacked full of ideas, tips and exercises to help you find, keep and re-discover your Mojo.  Why not give it a go; you may be surprised about the results you achieve. And please do let me know about your results, through any of our social media channels.  

You can access the course and find out more at the link below.

Find Your Mojo
Lets Help You Find, Keep or Re-discover Your Mojo

How To Find, Keep or Re-discover Your Mojo

If you want to boost your mojo and build resilience and wellbeing, why not download our course on Mojo.

We wrote this in 2012 and it is more important than ever.

The benefits include:

a systematic way to find your mojo

you can do this in your own time and at your own pace

it comes with a workbook to help you work through each lesson

it builds steps by step into an integrated set of lessons and sessions all designed to how you re-energise

you can do this on your own or with a group

its free (the only costs is postage and packaging)

    We look forward to hearing about your progress.