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The Future Of HR 

08.12.20 10:09 PM By Mark Pym

21 new HR roles were identified by the Cognizant Center For Future Of Work & Future Workplace

The Cognizant Center for Future of Work & Future Workplace, jointly embarked on a nine-month initiative to determine exactly what the future of HR will look like.

You can listen to their findings on the Podcast Link below.

They brought together the Future Workplace network of nearly 100 CHROs, CLOs, and VP’s to envision how HR’s role might evolve over the next 10 years.

The findings identified 21 new potential future roles in HR including, Director of Wellbeing, Home Facilitator, Strategic HR Business Partner, Human Bias Officer, HR Data Detective, Human Network Analyst, Head of Employee Experience & a Chatbot Coach, responsible for creating a seamless  candidate experience!

Of particular note was the role a great Human Network Analyst can play, in uncovering why one team performs better than another.

We did some extensive work on team performance comparisons in BT Wholesale, in a previous role and data /diagnostics, were key to us identifying the best and most appropriate interventions.

Some of these roles are already surfacing so it is going to be an interesting decade ahead. Listen to the podcast at the link below: