Great Teams


08.12.20 03:27 PM By Mark Pym

The key is trust 

It is funny how things go around in circles.

Back in 2005/6, we were having conversations, in the British Telecom HR function, about the ‘what and the how’ of performance management. As we moved more of our staff into flexible and home working arrangements, the issues of remote accountability surfaced.

Now with the ‘new normal’, we are clearly seeing an emerging trend around accountability.

If you cant reasonably monitor or micromanage your staff during the day (why would you even want to do this?), you need to develop a culture and environment of accountability.

Accountability is primarily about two character traits, trust and reliability.

What we know about extraordinary teams, is that when everyone on the team is accountable, reliable and trustworthy, the team succeeds.

On the other hand where there is a lack of reliability and/or trust, when even one person shrinks away from their responsibilities, this can fragment and implode a team.

With virtual working, it is more important than ever, that as Leaders and HR practitioners, we know how to go about creating an environment and culture that nurtures accountability, on the foundations of reliability and trust. 

Get this right, through a great culture and 'fit for purpose' HR processes and practices and your team and your organisation will thrive.

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